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Subject PPS Administrator Visited the Manufacturing Site of a Government Supply Company
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-07 Read 191
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents Visit to the Manufacturing Site of a Government Supply Company 
Understand Effects and Feedback regarding the Designation as a Government Supply Company

□ PPS Administrator visited the manufacturing site of a Government Supply Company, S&H Engineering Co., Ltd., in January 4, that produces air conditioners* to public organizations as well as large hospitals.
* Air Conditioner: A Machine to adjust the temperature and humidity, and purify the air, enabling people to dwell under the right conditions

○ This visit is aimed at examining the effects of designation of the Government Supply Company through sales in the public sector and supporting policies, and at obtaining feeback.
* S&H Engineering Co., Ltd. raised sales by 266% since the designation in 2014 
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Personnel 20 21 23 23 24
Sales(KRW 1,000) 1,238,395 1,134,184 1,597,671 1,344,629 4,527,430

□ PPS Administrator, Mr. Jung, Mookyung, announced "the Support Expansion and Deregulation Plan for Government Supply Companies".

*Inquiry: Deputy Director of Excellent Product Procurement Division (Mr. Dohan Choi, +82-42-724-7295)