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Subject PPS Administrator, Inspection of Construction Payment
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-28 Read 384
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents PPS Administrator, Inspecting Payment Practices for Public Facility Constructions
Calling for Elimination of Delayed Payment for Sub-Contracting Firms and Laborers During Site Visit to New Construction Site of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency 

□ PPS Administrator paid a visit to the construction site for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, located in Eunpyeong District, Seoul, in January 25. With the incoming Lunar New Year in a few days, the visit was aimed at examining payment practices for the sake of sub-contracting companies.

○ As of now, PPS is responsible for 38 construction sites worth KRW 1.9 trillion.
○ Under a support program of ordinary people as the Lunar New Year comes near, early payments and special inspections of delayed payment against sub-contracting firms and laborers have been conducted.   
○ Around the New Year period, the construction payments are expected to reach about KRW 42.5 billion. In case of the new construction of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency that PPS Administrator visited, KRW 1 billion was paid out of the entire construction value (KRW 28 billion).    

□ PPS Administrator said, "I kindly urge you to join hands in order to get rid of delayed payment practices against sub-contracting firms, material and equipment firms, and laborers." And he added,
○ "Construction payment shall be made in a more transparent and swift manner in order to settle difficulties by sub-contracting firms with measures like the Sub-Contract Management System. PPS will also work on preventing safe-related accidents."   

* Inquiry: Construction Management Division at Seoul Regional Office, Deputy Director, Pungwook Lee (+82-2-590-8823)