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Subject G-PASS Designation Ceremony for the Fourth Quarter of 2018
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-03 Read 386
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents 26 companies added to the list of G-PASS
In 2018, totally 80 new firms designated as G-PASS for advancing into the overseas procurement markets 

□ PPS handed out certificates of G-PASS designation to the newly selected 26 firms (totally 80 in 2018) at the PPS Hall of the PPS Seoul regional office on September 27, 2018. 

   * G-PASS(Government Performance ASSured) Company : Small or middle-standing firms with excellent technologies to advance into the overseas procurement markets

□ G-PASS designation initiated in 2013 with 95 firms and quarterly designated, suming up to 538 as of now. 
 ○ 26 newly selected G-PASS firms have been recognized for their potential in the overseas markets including 10 Government Supply Firms, and ventures and start-ups like TL-Industry Inc.
 ○ In particular, many business projects were implemented in 2018 such as the export strategy promotion project, 192 overseas procurement markets data, and issuance of English performance certificate, leading to a rise in export performance by G-PASS firms from 580 thousand dollars last year to above 700 thousand dollars this year.      

□ Plus, as the UN procurement market, worth KRW 20 trillion, will be its main focus next year, exchange of successful cases and support of writing soliciations are planned.  
 ○ Because the export strategy promotion project which provides a 1:1 matching service between procurement firms and overseas buyers yielded some fruit this year, the beneficiaries will be doubled from 10 to 20 next year.

□ Director General for Planning and Coordination, Mr. Myeongki Baek, stressed "Advancing into the overseas procurement markets will revitalize our economy in large part.  
 ○ He added "Procurement firms with excellent technologies and willingness will be strategically supported for their success in overseas procurement markets.  

* Inquiry: International Cooperation Division, Deputy Director, Mr. Kyungwon Lee(+82-42-724-7521)