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Subject Explanation Meeting by Region for Venture Nara and G-PASS
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-10 Read 223
Division International Cooperation Division

Explanation Meeting by Region For Venture Nara and G-PASS

5 Cities including Seoul, Daejeon, and Gwangju in January 9-19


□ Public Procurement Service (PPS) will hold a briefing session on January 9 at the PPS Hall of the PPS Seoul Regional Office to guide the Venture Nara Policy in 2019 and G-PASS programs which will be followed by a tour of other regions including Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju and Busan until January 18.

* January 9 (Seoul Regional Office), January 10 (Daegu Regional Office), January 15 (Headquarters), January 16 (Gwangju Regional Office), and January 18 (Busan Regional Office)


□ This briefing session will provide guidance to small and medium-sized venture companies with technical skills to help explore domestic and foreign procurement markets.

* Venture Nara: A platform for registering excellent products of start-up and venture companies that cannot enter the KONEPS Online Shopping Mall in order to promote them to public institutions for sales

○ Venture Nara selects innovative products every month through recommendation from 22 agencies to enter the public procurement market as part of support policies for start-ups and venture companies
* As of 2018, 3,187 products from 602 ventures and start-ups worth KRW 18.2 billion are enrolled with the platform. 
('17) 1,018 products worth KRW 54.5 billion → ('18) 3,187 products KRW 18.2 billion → ('19) 5, 000 products worth 30 billion (target)

○ In addition, the number of G-PASS* designated companies and their export performance increase greatly every year as a result of the overseas exhibition participation, overseas buyer matching service, and fostering programs of export strategic companies.

* Government Performance ASSured (G-PASS): Among domestic procurement companies with superior quality and technical skills, PPS selects to help them enter the overseas procurement markets.
**('13) 95 companies worth USD1.3 billion → ('16) 341 companies worth USD4.6 billion → ('18) 538 companies worth USD 7.3 billion

In 2019, PPS plans to expand the fostering program for export-strategic companies that links overseas vendors to domestic companies (10 → 20), and to provide full support to them for entering the U.N. procurement market, which is worth KRW 20 trillion per year.

□ Meanwhile, PPS is planning to set off a "Innovative Procurement Team" and "Procurement Export-Support Team" respectively this year in order to actively support growth of venture businesses, promotion of technological innovation, and advancement into domestic and overseas procurement markets.

* For more information, contact: Ms. Kim Hye-kyung, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Division (+82-42-724-6492),  Mr. Lee Sungeon, Deputy Director of the Procurement Planning Division (+82-42-724-7447)