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Subject Executive Meeting for the First Half of 2019
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-14 Read 290
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents Focus on Innovative Procurment and Economic Vibration 
Executive Meeting for the First Half of 2019 ... Innovation (↑) Reguration (↓) Economic Vibration (↑) Company Burden (↓) 

□ The Executive Meeting for the first half of 2019 took place with above director-level officials at PPS including Administrator (Mr. Jung, Mookyung), administrators of regional offices, and attaches in January 14. 

□ This event had four major agendas which were ▲Support for start-ups & ventures and technology innovation ▲Support for economic vibration ▲ Reduction of company burden ▲ Transparent and fair procurement climate, as measures to boost innoviative procurement and economic vibration.      

○ First, establishment of a support center for start-ups and ventures to explore markets and foster growth is to be planned 
  - Support for commercialization of pilot products, development of innovative products, and purchase guarantee will be proceeded. 

○ Plus, support for firms with job creation and working condition improvement and penalty against illegal firms in violation of labor acts will be enhanced. 
  - To this end, examination for regulation with regard to business activity and early execution of procurement projects to support economy, transparency enhancement in evaluation, and strong penalty against unfair procurement practices will be implemented. 

□ PPS Administrator said "PPS will contribute to innovative growth and economy with its public purchasing power and transparency in public procurement market with burden reduction on companies such as through deregulation." 
 ○ "Status and role will be newly identified in response to the demands of the era marking the 70th anniversary of PPS foundation.", he added.

* Inquiry: Director General Office for Planning and Coordination, Deputy Director, Myungcheol Kim (+82-42-724-7027)