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News : 이 표는 제목, 작성자, 등록일, 조회수 , Division , 내용, 첨부파일 항목으로 구성되어 있습니다.
Subject 70th Anniversary of PPS Foundation
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-01-17 Read 307
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents "Sprint towards the Innovative Tomorrow based on 70 Year Good Procurement History"

PPS Administrator, Pointed out Five PPS Roles Including Innovation · Job Creation · Social Value Procurement,
Selected 10 Best Feats, Chaired the Consultation with Procurement Firms and New Year's Greeting with the Retired Officials

□ Marking the 70th anniversary of the foundation, PPS Administrator(Mr. Jung Mookyung) said, "As intelligent IT technologies like Big Data, AI, IOT, and AR are being applied to each industry in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, PPS should ride this trend by 'sprinting towards the innovative tomorrow based on 70 year good procurement history', responding to the periodical change."

□ In the 70th anniversary event and his interview with reporters, PPS Administrator emphasized, "PPS will be transformed from a "mere contracting institute" to a "strategic procurement agent". To this end, he suggested five PPS roles of innovative procurement, job creation procurement, social value procurement, fair procurement, and tailored procurement.

○ He also added, "PPS puts an emphasis on 'strategic procurement' where start-ups and ventures are encouraged to enter the public procurement market for growth and to develop innovative products, non-existing in the market, with purchase guarantee", and he continued, "Excellent firms with job creation, recruitment of the socially disadvantaged groups, good working conditions, will be granted a preferential treatment."

□ Following the event, PPS Administrator chaired the consultation meeting with procurement firms for celebrating the 70th anniversary of PPS foundation at the Seoul regional office in the afternoon. He revealed, "Business activities by procurement firms will be supported though amendments to the relevant procurement regulations and profits are to be guaranteed in this way. Such measures are aimed at reducing cost and burden on procurement firms." The Administrator announced to host the consultation meeting on a regular basis.

□ PPS announced the "10 Best Feats", determined by votes of the entire PPS officials, which include "Provisional Office of Foreign Supply (POFS)" → Central Procuring Agency (1961), "KONEPS Opening" (2002), and "Online Shopping Mall"(2006).

□ Meanwhile, the previous PPS Administrators and the retired officials were invited to the Seoul regional office at six for the New Year's greeting.

* Inquiry: Deputy Director Seokyoung Na (General Service Division, +82-42-724-7023)