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  • Talk Show, "Do Dream", with "Venture Nara" Companies

    Talk Show, "Do Dream", wi ...
    PPS hosted a talk show, called "Do Dream", to discuss cases of job creation by ventures and start-ups being supported through governmen...

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  • A Visit of PPS Administrator to Traditional Market and Welfare Facilities

    A Visit of PPS Administra ...
    With a few days left from Korean New Year's Day,
    PPS Administrator Visited Traditional Market and Welfare Facilities
    To Hand Over Care...

    Trilateral Agreement (Industry - Government - Academia) for Entering Overseas Procurement Markets

    Trilateral Agreement (Ind ...

    • Joint Efforts among Industy - Government - Academia to Make Inroads Into Overseas Markets
    • PPS - Sungshin Univ. - G-PASS Export Promoti...

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